Fish Oil May Benefit Men’s Health

Today, you men are becoming more aware of things that can help their health. One of these things happens to be fish oil. There are numerous Benefits of Fish Oil for Men. Let's look at how this oil helps certain health issues.

Heart Health and Fish Oil

A randomized trial had the men either increasing the fatty fish in their diet or taking fish oil. This research involved a group of 2,333 men all of which recovered after having myocardial infarction in the past. After two years of researching into any cause of mortality with this group, the results were that there was a 29% drop in deaths caused by ischemic heart disease. However, there was no drop in nonfatal occurrences of myocardial infarction.

Healthy Heart

Anti-arrhythmic effects of omega-3 fatty acids

One reason for the reduction in mortality is the drop in the rate of cardiac arrest. The men who had fatty fish two times a week or more cut their rate of cardiac arrest in half. This is most likely because of the anti-arrhythmic action resulting from the n-3 fatty acids.

Is Fish Oil Good for Your Prostate?

We must look at some studies to answer this question for you. Researchers in San Francisco at the University of California published a study in 2009 on the omega-3 fatty acids and their effect of prostate health. They observed 466 men suffering from prostate cancer and another group of 478 men who were healthy. Both groups of men answered questions about what they ate each day. The researchers tested the men for the COX-2 variant, which shows men are higher risk for suffering from prostate cancer.

Eating EPA/DHA-rich Fish

The researchers reported that men that ate EPA/DHA-rich fish such as salmon at least one meal each week lowered his risk of prostate cancer by 63%.

Little EPA/DHA - 5 Times More Risk

The men who had the COX-2 variant and did not consume any or little EPA/DHA had a five times greater risk for developing serious prostate cancer.


Fish Oil lessen the inflammation in the prostate

Researchers concluded that the omega-3 fatty acids could lessen the inflammation in the prostate and slow the cancer's growth through affecting the COX-2 variant.

Another Study - Link between Prostate Cancer and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A study in Sweden involved a group of 1,499 men with prior prostate cancer and participated in the Cancer Prostate in Sweden (CAPS) study. Another group of 1,130 men that were not suffering from cancer at the start of this study also was included. The link between prostate cancer and the intake of fatty fish and the COX-2 variant was studied.

Research Conclusion

Researchers decided that men consuming fish such as salmon one to two times each week lowered their risk of prostate cancer compare to those men who did not eat this type of fish.

Cholesterol and Fish Oil

Some evidence exists that fish oil helps lower cholesterol in men and women.

Recent reviews report the fact that n-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish affect the plasma lipoproteins and lipids even in people with normal health. It particularly works on plasma VLDL and triglyceride.

This effect was most evident with a study that involved six women and six men who were fed randomly three separate diets over a 4-week period on each one. One was the saturated control diet, one was the vegetable oil diet rich in n-6 fatty acids, and the last one was the salmon diet rich in n-3 fatty acids.

  • The diets with the vegetable oil and salmon oil lowered the plasma cholesterol in a similar manner from a high of 188mg/dL down to 162mg/dL.
  • These also lower the LDL from a high of 128mg/dL down to 108mg/dL. The salmon oil diet did not alter the level of HDL cholesterol.
  • This diet also lowered the level of VLDL cholesterol and lowered the plasma triglyceride from a high of 76mg/dL down to 50mg/dL.
  • On the other hand, the vegetable oil diet was unsuccessful reducing the triglyceride and VLDL levels.

Hypertension and Fish Oil

Eleven studies show the n-3 fatty acids cause a slight decline in systolic blood pressure and sometimes cause on to happen with the diastolic blood pressure especially in those in an upright position. The finding is particularly valid in individuals suffering from mild hypertension.

Effects of Loosing Weight and Omega-3 Fatty Acids On Blood Pressure

In one randomized study, the effects of weight loss and fish oil on blood pressure involved overweight people with hypertension on medication.

The results of the combination of eating fish daily and losing weight were lower blood pressure taken in an ambulatory state along with a lower heart rate. The results are because of the reduced resistance in the vascular system in the forearm, and the change in blood flow to the hormone that raises the blood pressure, angiotensin.

A Small Decrease in Diastolic and Systolic Pressures

The best of the studies show only a small decrease in diastolic (3.0 mmHg) or systolic (4.6 mmHg) pressures, so fish oil alone cannot be a win-all-beat-all treatment for hypertension. Fish oil taken for other reasons will result in lowering blood pressure slightly. The n-3 fatty acids provide the body with their own health benefits.

Fish Oil for Arthritis Inflammation

Many suffer each year with arthritis pain and inflammation. It is nice to know that there are natural ways of alleviating these symptoms. One big help is fish oil with all of its omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have an effect on all your body's cells including your joints. Let's look at some studies on how fish oil helps arthritis inflammation.

How Omega-3 Helps Arthritis

Nine different studies analyzed showed fish oil capsules modestly lessens the pain in the joints. It will also reduce the stiffness in these same joints. A modest improvement is huge to most arthritis sufferers.

A Danish Study

A Danish study conducted involved people eating more fish. They were instructed to eat about 4 ounces of fish each day. This resulted in a decrease of swollen joints, pain, and morning stiffness after including the fish in the diet for a period of 6 months. The participants also paid less towards medications for the inflammation and pain.

Another Fish Oil and Arthritis Study

40% Decrease in Future Risk of Arthritis

University of Washington conducted a study where people consumed at least two, if not more, servings of fish each week. It concluded that these people would cut their future risk of arthritis by 40 percent compared to people who ate less fish.

Fish Oil for Kidney Disease

James Donadio published a paper about the results of patients with IgA nephropathy and taking fish oil in 1999. It results showed that the progression of this condition was slowed through high-dosage supplementation of fish oil.


This study was done at the Mayo Clinic and the participants were observed for a period that averaged 6.4 years.

The results were an 8-year projection of the kidneys functioning in 85% of and participants after the study began. This survival rate when compared to the 56 percent survival rate in the control groups was most favorable.

In two different studies, it was proved the ERK activation decreased by 30 percent with low levels of DHA that is found in fish oil. The JNK activity increases with a low dosage of DHA. However, this does not occur with EPA. EPA and DHA show no effect with p38 activity.

This along with other evidence points to the intake of fish oil or DHA in purified form can suppress the more advanced stages or even relapses of glomerulopathies. This happens through suppressing the proliferation and activation of the mesangial cells contained in the blood vessels inside the kidneys.

You can see by the information listed above why eating more fish or taking fish oil supplements are beneficial for you and other men health wise. Health issues cost you in many ways, therefore, it is important to pay heed to the information presented here.

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