Golden Alaska Fish Oil for Daily Omega-3's

Golden Alaska Fish Oil is a superb source of the omega-3 essential fatty acids all of us need for optimum health. Since people who are new to Golden Alaska Fish Oil often ask the same questions, here is a brief FAQ.

Q. What is so special about Golden Alaska Fish Oil?

A. Fish harvested in the Bering Sea have to develop their own "antifreeze." They do this by producing a large amount of fat in their bodies. When the fish are caught, it takes less fish to make more fish oil, so manufacturers can produce a supplement that is uniquely pure and free of "marine liquids" (a euphemistic term for fish juices) and that stays fresh longer without any preservatives.

Q. What makes Golden Alaska Fish Oil a sustainable product?

A. Golden Alaska operates a floating factory. Six boats bring fish to the processing boat for immediate processing. Nothing is lost to spoilage. And since the trawlers are operated by Alaska natives whose families have fished these cold waters for generations, everyone at Golden Alaska has a personal investment in making sure that fish continue to thrive for generations to come.

Q. What kind of fish are used to make Golden Alaska Fish Oil?

A. Golden Alaska harvests pollock and whiting. The catch boats use the latest technology to identify schools of these fish and the latest nets to ensure that they only catch these fish. No seals, walruses, dolphins, whales, or other fish are caught by these methods.

Q. How does Golden Alaska turn fish into fish oil?

A. Some larger fish are more appropriately used for fillets. Smaller fish that other companies might waste are cleaned and them steamed for a gentle release of the fats that contain DHA, EPA, and other omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Q. What about contaminants?

A. The coastal waters off Alaska are among the cleanest in the world. No fish is exposed to temperatures over 40° F (about 5° C), so there is no spoilage.

Q. What about additives?

A. The only ingredient in Golden Alaska Fish Oil is fish oil. The fish swim in pristine waters and they are transported at temperatures just above freezing until they are they processed. No additives are needed to keep the fish oil fresh.

Q. Do I take Golden Alaska Fish Oil the same way as any other fish oil product?

A. Because there are more omega-3 essential fatty acids than most fish oil products, you may need fewer capsules per day. But because the fish oil is fresh and does not cause gastrointestinal distress, you can take as many capsules as you need to support specialized health conditions.

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