Fish Oil for Cats - The Supplement Cats Purr for By Name

I used to be owned by a cat named Clementine. I lived out in the country, so I kept large supplies of canned and dried foods on hand in case weather made it impossible to get to the market for days or weeks at a time. One of the foods I always had on hand was tuna.

Clementine was very fond of tuna. The very first time I gave her tuna out of the can, she studied the can carefully. The next time I brought tuna home from the market, my cat observed where I put the cans on the shelf.

A few days later, Clementine jumped up on the table, pointed in the direction of the cabinet (which had solid doors), exactly to the location of the tuna. I gave her some. Over the next years my family found that we could not use the word "tuna" without Clementine becoming very excited. For a while we would spell the word "t-u-n-a" in conversation, until she figured out that was a reference to tuna, too, causing her to jump up and down in the nearest available lap until she was fed.

Omega-3 For Cats

Cats are said to be psychic, and maybe my cat was a psychic nutritionist. Tuna and other cold-water fish are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. In cats as well as in people, omega-3 essential fatty acids help the body make the hormones that regulate inflammation.

In cats, unlike people, omega-3 essential fatty acids prevent the allergies that cause licking, scratching, and tearing at the skin. Many people get skin allergies, but generally only cats lick their own feet to make them well.

How to Give Fish Oil to Cats

Chances are your cat will like fish oil. You don't give your cat a whole capsule. Just open the capsule (one capsule every other day is enough) over the kitty food and allow your cat to eat as much as desired. They will know how much is enough. Your cat will enjoy a healthier coat, less itching, less scratching, and more energy to purr.

Or you can introduce your cat to canned tuna. It's rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, too.

But if you don't want to have to start spelling when you speak aloud around your cat, make a regular practice of giving your cat the best, but least expensive, benefits of the sea.

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