Omega-7 Benefits - Could Consuming Fat Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Omega-7 fatty acids are not "essential" to human health, that is, you won't die if you don't get them, but they can be very useful in two of the key concerns of the overwhelming majority of us-healthy weight and healthy skin.

A fat that helps you lose weight? In the mid-1990's, Australian scientists discovered the palmitoleic acid that is abundant in macadamia nuts could actually help people lose weight. The effects of palmitoleic acid are beneficial in people who consume low-carb diets, and they are canceled out by eating more calories than the body needs. But if you are on Atkins or South Beach, a macadamia-based nutritional supplement could be just what you need to kick-start fat loss.

A fat that helps prevent type 2 diabetes? A few years later, American scientists conducted a multi-year study to determine whether the palmitoleic acid in whole milk and 2 per cent fat dairy products might help prevent diabetes. The palmitoleic acid in macadamia nuts is a cis- fat, while the palmitoleic acid in dairy products is a trans-fat.

Even the trans- form of this fat turns out to be healthy. Eating dairy products with palmitoleic acid reduces rates of type 2 diabetes. And recent research conducted at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and Harvard University has found that if you already have diabetes, palmitoleic acid can help you overcome insulin resistance and lose weight-something that's not easy for diabetics to do.

Beneficial in your body and on your skin. Omega-7 supplements are not just beneficial in you. They are also beneficial on you. Macadamia oil is used in dozens of age-reversing cosmetics. The way it works is by slowing down the use of arachidonic acid by the fibroblasts, skin cells that make the collagen that keeps your skin smooth and flexible. When the fibroblasts use less arachidonic acid, they make fewer of the hormones that cause redness, irritation, and drying.

Of course, you can get a similar effect by absolutely avoiding fatty meats, hot dogs, weiners, egg yolks, and sugar, but if you slip, omega-7 fatty acids applied directly to your skin can be a tremendous help. Whether you get your omega-7's through nutritional supplements or skin care products, these incredibly useful fatty acids can help you stay slim and beautiful.

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