Three Things Xtend Life Does to Preserve the Essential Fatty Acids in Fresh Fish Oil

Maybe you know to keep you fish oil capsules in a cool, dark cupboard. Or maybe you store them in refrigerator, or in the freezer. The most important guarantees of fish oil freshness, however, it's what is included in the capsule.

Fish oil manufacturers around the world add antioxidant preservatives to keep fish oil fresh. The most common additive for fish oil freshness is vitamin E, specifically the industrially manufactured form of vitamin E known as alpha-tocopherol. The problem with relying on vitamin E to keep fish oil fresh is that if the fish oil is made from rancid fish, both the fish oil and the vitamin E can go bad! Fresh fish oil begins with fresh fish.

  1. Xtend Life relies on eyes and noses to detect spoiled fish.
  2. The makers of the best fresh fish oils use some of the same skills you use when you buy fish at the store. Fresh fish should look like fresh fish. It should have big, clear eyes. The gills should be pink-with no parasites attached.

    Fresh fish should also smell like fresh fish. It should have an "ocean" smell. It shouldn't have any rancid smells. And it certainly should not reek of the various kinds of air fresheners fishing companies use to disguise older catch! Sight and smell tests are important in the making of fish oil, and the website of any company that sells you fish oil should mention them.

    Sight and smell, however, are not the only ways to measure the freshness of fish. All kinds of companies that measure fish products need to be aware of anisidine and peroxide values.

  3. Xtend Life tests two important chemicals-in the most honest way-to ensure fish oil freshness.
  4. Anisidine is particularly nasty stuff. In its pure form, it's a carcinogen. It can cause low blood pressure and death. If you are getting anisidine from eating spoiled fish, however, you will get an awful stomach ache first and your system will get rid of the toxin by vomiting and diarrhea.

    Peroxides are a lot less harmful. They are pro-oxidants that cancel out effects of anti-inflammatory hormones, but it's highly unlikely you will get a toxic dose from spoiled food. And they tend to degrade into harmless oxygen and water over time.

    That's why most fish oil companies measure the total amount of ansidine and peroxides-after their products are already in the capsule and the peroxides have begun to break down. The most responsible fish oil manufacturers who are really concerned about fish oil freshness measure both. Only a few companies like Xtend Life measure both separately to comply with the strictest international standards.

    ComponentXtend-Life SpecificationsInternational Fish Oil Standards (IFOS)Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)European PharmacopoeiaNorwegian Medicinal Standard
    Peroxide Value (mEq/kg)2.53.7551010
    Anisidine Value121520N/AN/A
    Total Oxidation (TOTOX)1719.526N/AN/A

    Most manufacturers hope peroxides break down so total oxidation (TOTOX) levels will meet the standard. And some European companies don't bother to measure anisidine at all. Xtend Life, on the other hand, measures both, and keeps both levels at less than 10% of the tiniest amount that can cause toxicity.

  5. Xtend Life adds natural preservatives to keep their omega-3 fish oils fresh.

That's not all Xtend Life does to maintain the purity of their fish oil. They maintain fish oil freshness with the addition of rosemary oil, a natural bactericide, and ascrorbyl palmitate, a highly potent form of Vitamin C. They make sure they begin with fresh fish oil and keep it fresh with the addition of the best natural additives.

Xtend Life says that it is "paranoid" about fish freshness. This is a good kind of concern that produces a superior fish oil. For the freshest fish oil, choose Xtend Life.

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