Something is a Bit off with Fish, Fish Oil That is

Many people love to use fish oil, the supposed benefits have been well publicised for years now and the public just can't get enough. But now after recent studies it has been revealed that there actually is quite a few differences in fish oil brands. 15 of the top brands were put through some tests and the results showed that some of these brands were really swimming against the current when it came to quality. (Read our guide for a detailed disccussion about finding a quality brand)

The amount of good that fish oil can do for person really is incredible. Ronni Sandroff of Health and Family Consumer Reports said after the tests "some are not as pure as one might think".

Fish OilThey sent samples of the top selling brands that are available to the general public to check for if they had the proper listed amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that they should have. They were also tested to see if there was any signs of spoilage or any kind of contamination. Pretty much any test you could think of to make sure that what is inside the bottle is what is advertised on the label.

After all these tests it was reported that no evidence has really been shown that fish oil can cure all these common ailments that it supposedly claims to do. It was said that fish oil may very slightly lower blood pressure or take the edge away a little bit from rheumatoid arthritis amongst other little things. But some of the more outlandish claims such as helping against Alzheimer's, fighting cancer (see fish oil and cancer) and helping with pregnancy problems (more about fish oil and pregnancy)have never actually been proven scientifically.

One recommendation for people who have bought into the fish oil can cure anything mentality is that for your general health instead of throwing down vast amount of fish oil, try working towards having a much more balanced diet, along with a little exercise each day.

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