Exciting News In Pancreatic Cancer Research

Dr Ruth Lupu has concluded that the dietary supplement GLA(gamma-linoleic acid) has the amazing ability to inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer cells. GLA worked very well when used with gemcitbine, which is a chemotherapy drug.

These findings have been 20 years in the making Dr Lupu said "We knew from studies done about 20 years ago that polyunsaturated fatty acids such as GLA could influence cancers in general, but we didn't know which type of fatty acids and to what degree."

Fish OilGLA was first tested against many different pancreatic cancer cell lines, however it was discovered that it was only effective against a subtype, which expressed a gene for FASN or better known as fatty acid syntheses. As part of Dr Lupu's earlier work it was discovered that FASN in pancreatic adenocarinomas which appears to be an indication for poor survival rate in patients.

One of the huge finds was that GLA inhibited a huge 85 percent of cell growth. What is interesting is that when GLA is combined with the standard chemotherapy (gemcitabine) the cell growth was completely inhibited.

Patients should not rush out to take GLA, and should always consult with their oncologist before they do anything to alter their treatment.

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