To Safeguard the Heart, the Experts Recommend Eating Fish Two Times a Week

A conference was told that eating fish is more beneficial to the body compared to using fish oil supplements. This is because the actual fish has other nutritional value that just what is found in the fish oil capsules. The experts say that the belief that the benefits to the heart are attained from the fish oil, this fact has not yet been fully proven.

The European Society of Cardiology compiled new guidelines and presented the list at its EuroPrevent Conference held in Dublin. In addition, the Daily Telegraph published an article stating that one portion of the fish each week should be oily fish like mackerel, trout, sardines, or salmon as these species contain more omega 3 fatty acids compared to other fish. The guidelines were discussed at the conference along with the most current research results on omega-3 supplements and fish.

fishesA nutritionist and metabolic biochemist from University of Southhampton, Mr. Philip Calder, stated, "Omega-3 fatty acids are really important to human health, whether you're talking about CVD, brain or immune health. Heath professionals have a key role to play in educating the public about the beneficial effects of including fish in their diets. It's important that health professionals give clear guidance around the need for patients to take 1g of omega-3 a day to achieve any beneficial effects. With over the counter brands containing different concentrations there's a danger people may not be receiving sufficient intakes."

However, it is still considered better to eat fish than to take fish oil supplements. This is because the fish contains selenium, iodine and vitamin D and other nutrients that fish oil does not contain. All of these nutrients can also help protect against cardiovascular disease. Eating fish is only part of prevention for heart disease; people need to also live an overall healthy lifestyle.

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