Fish Oil Is Not The Answer For Multiple Sclerosis

Norwegian researchers have come to the conclusion that taking omega 3 fatty supplements do not have any benefit on multiple sclerosis. With over two and half million people all across the globe suffering from multiple sclerosis, many researchers have been looking for a way to help these people. Past research indicated that these omega 3 fatty supplements might help those suffering from the disease. Omega 3 fatty supplements is found in cold water fish, but many people get it through taking fish oil pills.

It does not mater if they are given as lone treatment or in addition to another multiple sclerosis treatment, the results were exactly the same. That taking any kind of omega 3 fatty supplement has no real beneficial effect on those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. The research data while it never showed any benefits, it did not say that they would cause any harm in patents either.

This was a study that involved just fewer than 100 patients. There was quite a diverse age range of 18-55, and this made for a good varied study. The patients had a form of multiple sclerosis known as relapse remitting MS.

Multiple SclerosisThe patients were split into two groups, one half was given the omega 3 supplements on their own or in addition to injections of interferion beta 1a ( a standard drug given to MS patients).The other half of the patents were just given a inactive placebo. After a six month period all members of the study were given the interferion injections three times per week.

After a six month period all of the patents were given a MRI scan to check for any kind of improvement. The results showed that there was no difference between the people who took the supplements and those who did not. This was a contrast to another study that did actually show some signs of improvement.

Dr Kottil Rammohan is not surprised about the result of the studies; he was one of the people who have always been convinced that the omega 3 fatty supplements would have no positive effect on people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. However he did say that he would still advise patients to take supplements because he does believe that they do offer other health benefits, just not in the case of treating multiple sclerosis.

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