Fish Oil Can Help the Health of the Mouth

Researchers looked at eight studies trying to understand how fish oil can affect periodontitis. All of the studies were found to have some improvements, but two in particular reported quite significant results by using both aspirin and fish oil.

Fish Oil and Periodontal Disease

fishes Dr. Alison Coates, who works at the University of South Australia, stated, "I would recommend that people ensure they have a sufficient intake of long chain omega-3 fatty acids in their diet for general health. In Australia, these types of fatty acids are considered essential with 500 mg recommended as the suggested dietary target. This equates to approximately 2 fatty fish meals per week."

Is Omega-3 an Effective Treatment For Periodontitis?

In addition, Dr. Coates, along with colleagues, state that better studies are needed to further investigate how the combination of fish oil and aspirin and just fish oil can be an effective treatment for periodontitis. There is an ongoing clinical trial being performed in Australia looking at the effects that a therapy involving fish oil would have on periodontitis.

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