Fatty Acids Can Help Americans Suffering With Dry Eye

While the spring weather may be great, its starts to get a little warmer and a little nicer. But unfortunately for many Americans this time of year can bring discomfort in the form of dry eye. Dry eye is where the tears do not have enough moisture to have good eye health.

There is a great deal of variation to dry eye but many of the more common symptoms are things such as red eyes, burning and a constant feeling like something is always in your eyes. Dry EyeIn short it is a major annoyance for those who suffer from it. For many they have just learned to deal with it but there is now a new hope that can help rid this pain that starts every spring.

Fatty Acids For Dry Eye

A few new studies have confirmed that omega 3 fatty acids can bring some relief to those people who are suffering from this. (Read more about fish oil for eye health) Cold water fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel amongst others can really help with tear production and help greatly in bringing down inflammation. There is other help out there for sufferers of dry eye such as various ointments and artificial tears, but the findings of how the omega 3 fatty acids found in many cold water fish can help, really is a boost to those with this very frustrating condition.

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