Are Fish Oils Really That Great For Your Heart?

There is a great deal of people who put a whole heap of faith into fish oils, these people may want to think twice in light of a new report. This report has cast a huge doubt over the abilities that fish oils are actually capable of preventing heart attacks.

Fish oils are one of the most popular dietary pills that are on the market millions of people across the globe have great faith in fish oils. This is a huge business huge enough that it is worth an estimated billion dollars. It is not just the general public who have faith in this, doctors in Europe have been know to prescribe fish oils to patience suffering from heart diseases.

Fish Oil for HeartA shocking new report that has analyzed data not just from a couple of patients, no they have used data from thousands of different patients to try and get to the bottom of just how good fish oils are. The findings of this report revealed that taking the fish oils did in fact not do anything to reduce the risk of further cardiovascular problems in patients who already had heart disease. This was a very in depth study so the findings should not be taken lightly. They used only the best data, and would only select the best trials.

All of the patients who took part in these trials were given the fish oils for a year. Many tests were conducted in terms of what kinds of heart diseases these fish oils could help. The findings found that there was insufficient evidence to support the claims that fish oil does all the good many people claim that it does. One thing the people who conducted the report did say was that healthy people who take the fish oils may see it as some kind of insurance. There are other studies that are currently being carried out to see if fish oils can have have any effect in fighting off heart diseases in people with no history of heart disease.

Dr. Seung-Kwon Myung believes that people would be far better of spending their money on actually fish rather than fish oils. He says that a diet eating fish at least a couple of times a week instead of eating unhealthy foods will make a better difference than just taking some fish oils every day.

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