Antidepressant Help Developed from Fish Oil and Fluoxetine

A team of scientists connected with UNC (University of Cordoba) and UNLaR (University of La Rioja) created an antidepressant using fluoxetine and fish oil for the purpose of treating people suffering from depression. Many have negative side effects from antidepressants ranging from insomnia to sexual dysfunction.

Depressive WomanThe researchers found that the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil mixed with fluoxetine enhanced the effects this drug has on depression. This makes it so patients can take low doses for relief instead of high ones. This helps the patients have fewer negative side effects. I read that if the drug's effectiveness is backed up with future research that it could be a treatment for pregnant women and even kids.

Carlos Laino, one of the researchers at UnLar and CONICET states that theoretically one of the reasons for an increase in depression across the world is that other kinds of fat have been added to the diet causing a decrease in omega-3 consumption.

Experts say that people in good moods have the same level of omega-3 as omega-6 in the body. When these get out of balance with each other, is when depression can take place.

Researchers placed the rats in a container of 25 degree C for a period of 15 minutes. Rats feel rather trapped in this situation. They will try to escape through swimming, when they discover they cannot they will become still. This action causes them anxiety, which can bring on depression according to Laino.

Rats then received injections of the antidepressant for 16 days and observed once again in the water. This time they did not give up as quickly and swam as much as 70 percent more trying to escape before they gave up. This points to the antidepressant being effective according to researchers.

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