Fish Oil and Fatty Acids Blog

Fish Oil Is Not The Answer For Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study takes an in depth look at the effects of fish oils in MS patents.

Fish Oil in Yogurt Delivers Daily Omega-3 Requirements

Studies hot off the press suggest that the general public would embrace a chili-lime flavored yogurt, with 1% added fish oil as an alternative to supplements. The pungent yogurt would deliver daily nutritional requirements of omega-3 fatty acids.

Exciting News In Pancreatic Cancer Research

Something is a Bit off with Fish, Fish Oil That is

Many people love to use fish oil, the supposed benefits have been well publicized for years now and the public just can't get enough.

Could Fish Oil Save Your Sight?

What You Really Need to Know About Massage Oils for Baby

A reader asks if fish oil is good for giving baby a massage. I have a pointed answer.

Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol - What Everyone Needs to Know About Cholesterol Testing

One of the most common problems encountered about two or three months after starting fish oil for cardiovascular health is one of the most distressing.

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