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Information to Compare Prescription Lovaza or Amarin Fish Oil Drugs with the OTC Fish Oil Supplements

The pharmaceutical companies are now jumping on the fish oil bandwagon. Are fish oil medications such as Lovaza or the one from Amarin better than OTC fish oil supplements?

Should I Take Fish Oil Supplements?

Most people should take fish oil supplements. They provide many health benefits.

Antidepressant Help Developed from Fish Oil and Fluoxetine

Antidepressants often cause unpleasant side effects. Now, there is hope with a new formula that mixes fish oil with fluoxetine for treatment of depression.

Is it Beneficial to Take Fish Oil and Aspirin Together?

Aspirin use over the long term has side effects such as bleeding for one thing. Evidence exists though, that shows by adding fish oil with aspirin some of these side effects are decreased. Research also shows that when the fish oil and aspirin combine together they are useful for treating certain conditions.

Fatty Acids in Formula Will Not Boost Babies Intelligence

Manufacturers added fatty acids to baby formula trying to emulate breast milk. Up to recently, it was thought that this addition would increase brainpower just like breast milk, but new research shows differently

Fish Oil as a Slow the Onset of Blindness

Dr. Yves Sauve a researcher at the University of Alberta discovered and omega-3 fatty acid known as DHA could lessen and possibly prevent vision loss a patient suffers from an accumulation of lipofuscin a toxic substance that can form in the eyes. Studies show indication that omega-3 fatty acids safeguard the eyes against problems such as dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration and help the eye to drain properly to lower the risk of glaucoma.

Fish Oil has Varied Results When Tested on Dialysis Graft Patency

In a recent randomized study, it was found the fish oil supplements didn't have help to lessen the loss for a native graft patency in those patients with synthetic arteriovenous grafts because of late-stage renal disease. There were however, some other significant improvements worth noting.

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